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Toroidal Power Transformer
Transformer is provided with 12“ (305mm) long, 0.50” (12.7mm)
stripped and tinned, stranded UL 1015 lead wire.
Input1: Parallel BLUE and BROWN,Jumper BLUE to VIOLET,GRAY to BROWN.
Series--BLUE and BROWN, Jumper GRAY to VIOLET Output

The toroidal construction inherently helps reduce stray fields,
increases efficiency and minimizes size compared to traditional EI
transformers. Built with Class B (130°) insulation system.

1.Power: 25 to 2500VA

2.Input Voltage: Series: 230VAC, 50/60Hz Parallel: 115VAC, 50/60Hz

3.Voltage Regulation: 2.5%-12% TYP from full load to no load.

4.Hipot: 4000VAC, Primary to Secondary