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Indirect Connection Type AC
1. Big AC Current Transformer is extensively used for indirect measurement as a current sensing part.
2. It requires big measurement range with high accuracy and small phase shift, and good insulation ability .
3. Comparing with the type inside meters, it has bigger hole to cross electricity cables and has housing, so the cost is relatively higher.



Model NO.Rated CurrentTurns RatioLoad Phase ShiftAccuracy 
CT152W/MG1001100A1:2500 1:2000 1:1500 1:100012.5Ω<15'0.1 Class 
CT200/ CT153W / MG2001200A1:2500 1:2000 1:1500 1:100012.5Ω<15'0.1 Class 


100A 100A 200A 200A 200A

Dielectric Strength: not less than 4kV/1mA/1min.

Insulation Resistance: >500MΩ (500VDC).

Operating Temperature : -40~ +85.

Relative Humidity: 95% ( 25) Altitude: 10000m.

 AC measurement capacity is 20% higher than rated current.

 High Precision. suitable for kWh meter Class 0.2, Class 0.5, Class 1.0.

 Typical AC current measurement error is within 0.02% at Ib test point.

 Typical phase shift is at 1-10' , additional compensation is not needed.

 Very reliable and stable performance at different temperature conditions.

 Good linearity, it support automatically software calibration.

 Different type for different fixing and assembly easily.

 Quick connection to PCB available on request.

ROHS Compliance is available on request.