Current Transformer
Measuring type transformer.
Good linearity,high precision,wide operating range.
The primary circuit through a series of current limiting resistance, voltage into current. After the transformer secondary output current signal, sampling resistance into the required voltage signal. The input and output are pins.

1.  Input Current:2mA(Max 10mA)
2.  Output Current:2mA(Max 10mA)
3.  Operating Temp.: -40~ +85℃
4.  Accuracy: Linearity range 5%In- 120%In:
     Error variation  < ±0.05%, Phase shift variation <6'
5.  Dielectric strength:  4,000V AC/60S
6.  Operating Frequency: 20Hz-10kHz
7.  Load:  ≤ 250Ω  @ 2mA