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LCX2010 DC leakage current sensor
1. AC and DC leakage current in one, small size, high integration, easy installation.
2. Using ARM_Cortex M0+ processor, 12bit high precision ADC, fast processing speed, high precision.
3. Using the closed-loop negative feedback control system, high stability and small zero drift.
4. 1 channel for RS485 output, Modbus_RTU protocol standard.
5. Mainly used for insulation of DC bus to ground and detection of AC crosstalk in DC operating system.
6. Size (mm): 72(L)×18.5(W)×65(H)

Performance Index:

Rated current(Ipn)0 ~ ±10mA
Accuracy Class≤1 %FS
Temp. Property150PPM/℃(0~50℃)
Flame retardant propertiesUL94-V0
Power Consumption300 mW
Offset current100μA
Operating Conditions@ -25+65, 20%~90% Humidity without condensation
Storage Conditions@ -40+80, 20%~90% Humidity without condensation
Linearity≤1 %
Response time≤1s 
Isolation VoltageAC 2.0 KV/min*1mA