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Single-core CT with DC immunity
1. New core technology, equivalent of VAC CTs
2. Easy fixing inside meter, mounted on the bottom case
3. Strong insulation voltage between the primary and the secondary, up to 6kV/1min
4. Attractive appearance, casing color is available on request
5. Simple assembly, saving production cost
6. Easy connection to the primary cables/bus bars of latching relay


  1. Current: 60A

  2. Operating Temp: -40 ~ +85℃

  3. Accuracy: 0.1Class  Phase error: 200'+/-15'

  4. The meter error with 60A/√2 DC immunity:

     within ±1.5%@PF=1.0, within±6%@PF=0.5L

  5. Complemention circuit is needed to improve meter accuracy.